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Providing Kids with Leukemia a Room to Grow and a Chance to Survive

Kevin H
Kevin H.,
Dallas, Texas
Our First Tony's Room Recipient

Kevin is an 11-year-old boy in Texas who was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia in March 2008. He is being treated by Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital which is a founding partner to Tony's Room Foundation. After a site visit to Kevin's home on May 4, 2008, Tony's Room Foundation will be arranging for a filtration system to be installed in Kevin's home so that he and his family can live in as germ-free an environment as possible.

Tony's Room will also begin the process in the coming months to help take down a mold-infested addition to the family home and replace it with a clean and comfortable living area for Kevin to enjoy and relax in as he recuperates and recovers from his chemotherapy treatments.

Your support for Tony's Room Foundation will help make all this possible for Kevin and his family.


On June 4. 2008 Bryan Cerney of Rogers-O'Brien Construction in Dallas and a volunteer with Tony's Room Foundation paid a visit to Kevin's home with a very special gift from Tony's Room Foundation - a state-of-the art combined HEPA/UV air filtration system. The expression on Kevin's face says it all!

Kevin H

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