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Providing Kids with Leukemia a Room to Grow and a Chance to Survive

Tony's Room Foundation is a 100% volunteer-based non-profit initiative which seeks to bring leading construction companies and children's hospitals together nationwide in order to help families whose children are battling Leukemia by building "clean-room" environments within the family home.

About Tony's Room

-- Build or Remodel --

A Tony's Room can be as elaborate as a fully contained addition onto the existing family home where the child battling Leukemia can have a separate and comfortable bedroom and bathroom facilities to relax in and enjoy while recovering from a bone-marrow transplant in an immuno-suppressed condition. A Tony's Room can also be as simple as working within the construct of the existing family home by remodeling the child's bedroom to replace materials that might collect germs and bacteria (like carpet and upholstery) and adding air filtration systems to the home's existing heating and ventilation system. In either set up, the goal of Tony's Room Foundation is to provide the family a complete home environment where their child can focus on his or her recovery in as comfortable and as germ-free a living space as possible, surrounded by the love of family, friends, and care-givers.

A Special Note to Families about Our Process: As a newly formed organization, our dreams are very big but we also need to start small. Our initial goal is to build one Tony's Room per year, build on our initial success, and then roll-out Tony's Rooms via partnerships with select Children's Hospitals and leading construction companies around the country. While we want to help as many children and families as possible, we hope you understand our need to focus on one child at a time until we build our capacity to help more children battling Leukemia. With your support, and with the help of the community, we hope to make an even greater impact on families and children with Leukemia in the years to come.

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